More transparent than Saran Wrap…. that’s me. All my tears flow… freely at night. I cry, I sob, I wail when I know my children are upstairs in their beds…the loud wailing, completely open and raw. Gutted, completely gutted and exhausted to the point where I have bloodshot eyes the next day! The most horrible sounding wail that surprises me every time with how raw it sounds. I’ve never cried like this in my whole life.
However, I always tell my husband that everything is fine in the morning. There’s joy in the morning Craig so don’t worry…everything is always ok in the morning. Don’t worry about me honey, I’ll always be fine in the morning.
God bless this man. The vows have kicked in this year and then some… for better or worse… he’s carried me this year….”worse” hit on November 10th when my mom died and again this week when we found out her death could have been prevented and we, thanks to the Florida Legislature can do nothing about it. Can’t sue…no retribution whatsoever. Talk about a kick in the gut. Fresh tears on an already gaping wound. 
Here’s the beautiful part….there’s ALWAYS a beautiful part….Read this verse today and as always it stopped me in my tracks….weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning…it does…every time. 
I wake up with a peace in my heart, a beautiful peace, and a fresh day. A chance to thank Jesus for every single thing he’s done to change me from the inside out….that peace is straight up Jesus y’all….it’s not me. I’m nowhere near capable of anything like that.
What I already knew in my heart is actually a bible verse and I found it….no way that was an accident. My hands are raised to heaven with nothing but amazement and gratitude. 
Thank you Jesus for it all. I’m so grateful. What’s he done for you today?

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