So I’m now friends with about 5,000 women. I don’t know their names, I don’t know their stories but after what I’ve just experienced I am confident to call them friends and more than that, true sisters in Christ.

I’ve just spent the past day and a half fully immersed in a retreat. I have never been to a retreat before and I was nervous for a whole 5 minutes. And then that all went away.

I only knew about a handful of the women going, was sharing a room with a complete stranger and because of God in me, couldn’t wait!
Take every insecurity about being with 5,000 women and throw it out the window. My hair looked like cotton candy on a humid day, why did I even bother to wear makeup because I just sobbed it right off as soon as the singing started, and yes, I put on my pajamas after the event, stuck my hair in a bun and hung out with some more strangers…
Those strangers weren’t strangers after another 5 minutes. Warm, funny, relatable, genuine, authentic, welcoming, each of them with a sense of humor and a definite sense of purpose.

I was so exhausted after a long but incredible day that I had to go to bed. My roommate came up about 20 minutes after I went up and my well thought plans to stay up and get to know her flew out the window, or rather sunk into my fluffy pillow because I was out…… nighty night!

Trusting the weekend to God and not me, sure enough, my roommate and I started talking  the next morning as soon as we woke up and it now feels like I’ve known her for years. The layers you skip when getting to know someone because you simply don’t have time and you want to get to the core of who they are…. those layers… the sisters in Christ layers.

The talking about your love of Jesus without reservation, the sharing of your life experiences, where you are with your walk with the Lord, and what do you know but she’s so much like me?
Amazing, it’s all God….divined by him, given by him. It’s so hard to describe.

I’m so grateful for the vulnerability I have now. The open-ness,  the experience of hearing Beth Moore, singing and praising God at the top of my lungs with arms up… praising him, thanking him, and not caring how I look to others.

Beth Moore said that there’s a world of difference between accepting and embracing Gods love and his plan for us.

What was in my head all growing up has now moved to my heart. This happened about 9 months ago. I went from a spirit of accepting God to embracing him. I now am not only embracing him but I am now embracing my place in this gospel story!

I have felt like a long time like I have something that I want to say but I never knew what it was… until NOW! I want Everyone to know Jesus like I know him! I want to share my story, what he’s doing for me every day, how he’s changed my heart, my soul, my life!

The light switch got turned on 9 months ago but this weekend the bulb got changed…..and now is brighter than the sun! You thought I was motivated before?! Just wait til I get home!!! I can’t wait to get back in the real world and hopefully inspire, listen, and be a better sister in Christ.

This weekend was absolutely amazing. Thank you to Jan for taking the girls for me, for Craig for so graciously encouraging me to go, for Holly, Lorraine, Celimar, Brooke, Kim, my new sister Rochelle, and the 5,000 other sisters in Christ who I am so honored to have been in the same space with.

Embrace this God life and let it invade every part of me! Bring it!

#lproof17 #inspirational #christian

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