Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be honest… I was feeling very sad this morning. Not the typical ‘Valentine’s Day I didn’t get anything I wanted’ sad because I smartly ordered Coobie comfy bras and called it a day. I’m easy to please! No flowers and chocolates for me.

But I found myself sad this morning. Sometimes a quiet empty house can be a bad thing. I was missing my momma so much and just wishing there were a funny card in the mail from her or a cute Facebook post with her in heart shaped glasses. Nothing… nothing but a silent house and a sad heart for me.

I scraped myself up and went to meet Lauren at swimming lessons. This is her second lesson and let’s just say she HATES it. I mean HATES it! I get out of my car and immediately Hear wailing…. it’s her! She’s wrapped herself around a pole and nothing is gonna get that baby in the pool! Armed with a bag full of gummy worms I run with my nearly broken toes (that’s a whole other story) to get to my petrified daughter. Let me tell you… there are no amount of gummy worms on the planet that are gonna get her in the pool so I do what any other mother would do…. get in the pool, fully clothed, with my sweatpants and T-shirt on!

“Come on in Lauren! Trust me, I tell her!!! I will hold you the whole time! I won’t let you go, I promise! We are going to do this lesson together and I’ve got you the whole time, I promise!”

She was still scared to death and I felt her fear as she clung to me like a howler monkey but God bless her sweet heart, she did it. She trusted me and she held on.

What a beautiful metaphor for my relationship with Jesus!!! “Jump in Susanna! Jump in and trust me! I will carry you!!!! I won’t let you go, I promise!” I saw it today, I felt it through my child. Jesus is in the pool, fully clothed and arms wide open…. he wants your heart, he wants to show you that you can trust him. He wants to carry you when you are scared.

Thank you Lauren for jumping to me even though you didn’t want to. Thank you for trusting me when all you wanted to do was hold onto the pole that was way far away from the pool. I’ll always catch you!

Thank you Jesus for ONCE again showing me how powerful your love is for me. You changed my sadness into pure joy just now! I am the first and only Celebration resident who jumped in the pool fully clothed to help with a swimming lesson! Today is a WONDERFUL day❤


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