Ive been struggling lately. I’m irritable, tired, irritable, I’ve had migraine headaches. For 9 days in a row and did I mention I’ve been irritable? I miss my mother so much.
Everything seems to be putting me over the edge and I’m truly sorry to my family who get the brunt of my worst. I snap at my kids, all I want to do is have 5 minutes of full and complete silence, and it would be a dream come true to be able to go to the bathroom by myself and not be visited by my 4 year old who is a carbon copy of me. I want to get away from my own self!!! I need a break! I need something good to happen! Even the tiniest thing would go miles with me.

I found $20 in the street today while dropping my girls off at school. There it was, folded up in the middle of the road. Now we can stop this post right here and now and speak of the miracle…. the miracle that I actually SAW money in the road because I finally went to the eye doctor for the first time in my life last week! Everything is blurry! Driving…blurry, reading….forget it… I need glasses!

But for some reason I saw it clearly and knew it was money in the road. As soon as I finished dropping the girls off at school I posted on the Celebration Facebook pages that I found cash and if it belongs to you please let me know and I would gladly return it to its owner. Three posts on three different Facebook pages produced no takers. I figured I’d wait a few days and if no one claimed it I would put it in the offering at church. It’s not my money just because I found it. Finders Keepers does not apply in our home.

I went to Publix, got to school just in time to pick up my daughter and began driving home. (This is miracle number two: being able to grocery shop in a small window of time and get to school on time to pick up Lauren!)

I noticed to my left as I was driving a homeless man with a grocery cart walking on the sidewalk. To say he stuck out like a sore thumb is the understatement of the year. I drove past him and God immediately spoke to me: LOUDLY! Susanna, turn the car around and give that money to this man. It nagged me for a whole two seconds and then I turned the car around and parked.

His hair was so matted. His shoes ( can’t even call them shoes) were coming apart. The heels weren’t connected to anything. His pants had two rips in the back pockets… all the way through. His grocery cart had a bedspread in it that I wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot pole. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to go near him with a 50 foot pole. But God not only told me to turn my car around… he told me to get out of my car and speak to him like the human being he is.

I approached the man, put my hand on his arm and told him I found money today and would he like to have it. He gladly accepted it and the bottled water I just happened to have in my car.

I told him to have a wonderful day and then got back in my car… my car filled with groceries…my car which held my curly girl who I really do adore…my car with my coach purse, my RayBan sunglasses, and my iPhone 6.

I drove home to my gorgeous house, in my perfect neighborhood, filled with a huge appreciation for all that I have. All my stuff got placed on hold just now…thank you Jesus for the perspective I didn’t even know I needed to see today. I am blessed, I am blessed, I am BLESSED! That $20 dollar bill gave me priceless perspective…the kind only God can give.

To the Celebration resident who realizes that the $20 is yours… message me and I’ll gladly give it to you from my wallet❤


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