Dear mom, (Susan Woods Alderson)
Stickers…neon circle stickers, all with a price tag are all over your house, your furniture, your table cloths, your dishes… everything is now for sale.
For the next two days your house is open to antique dealers and the general public to come and buy whatever they fall in love with.
First of all I have to tell you how proud I am of Bekah and of Sean. Your two babies have had their hands on every single item in your house. Rebekah Eugenia Lazaridis’ gift to all of us was taking care of your estate sale.
She has lovingly and thoughtfully researched every piece in the house (along with Sean too), come up with a price, and displayed everything to get ready to run and manage your estate sale.
I don’t know HOW she is capable of doing this. I can’t see your house in any other way than how I remember it when you were alive. I just can’t bear the thought of it being emptied and sold. She’s a warrior though and her amazing heart and tireless efforts will find all your items that we weren’t able to keep loving homes.
She’s amazing mom…. what she’s done is nothing short of amazing. Her love for you… for all of us siblings…. it’s simply amazing. I call her every night to see how she is doing and I’m the one who ends up falling apart on her. So much for me being the strong one!
The movers came this week and brought over the furniture for Elizabeth’s room, my room, and thanks to you… my beautiful new front room. I wish I had more space to hold more of your things. The last time I was in your house I was panicking, literally panicking running around your house trying to pick anything and everything I could to take back with me.
I love what I have. Elizabeth is thrilled with her room and it makes me so happy that she’s using the same furniture that you used, Bekah used, Rachel used…. and I used! A lot of love in those pieces❤ …. a lot of love.
I run my hands across your dresser every day and am so grateful to have it in my room. I can’t imagine anyone else loving it as much as I will.
Mom, I feel like you have died all over again. Your house is being sold bit by bit and there will be nothing left by January 15th. I’m scared and so so sad because our family always had a home to call home…. your home… OUR home… and now that home will be gone.
When you died and all of the siblings and spouses were under your roof, while it was sad, it was so comforting because we were all together… laughing, carrying on, cooking… your house was full of life…. it won’t be there anymore after the 15th.
I’m not lost….I’m just sad. This is entirely new to me. When you died mom there was a sound that came out of me that I have never heard before…. pure grief…pure grief…
I wouldn’t wish that sound or feeling on my worst enemy.
I miss you mom. I miss you so much. Please hold me and kiss my head like I am kissing Lauren’s in this picture. I could really use a hug from you right now. ❤
Jesus is my rock, my comfort, my everything. I pray every day for strength. I just miss my mom


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