Dear mom, (Susan Woods Alderson)
Happy New Year! I’ll be honest… I bailed out last night long before the ball dropped and had a safe date with a dark room, lots of covers, and my pillow. I didn’t want to ring in the new year because I felt like I would be leaving you behind if I did. So I hid.
I know this is ridiculous… I know you would tell me that too. I also know you are here with me too.
I’m remembering lately your hands and I’m so happy I found this picture. Mommas have a way of holding their children’s faces with their hands and even though I towered over you as a grown lady I always melt into being a child when you hold my face with your hands.
Lauren is the first one to wake me up every morning. Those powerful 4 year old feet come bounding down the stairs and her curly mop of hair and happy teeth are first thing I see when my eyes peel open.
She crawls into bed with me and we snuggle a few minutes before starting the day and I’ve noticed that when I hold her face with my hands and kiss the top of her head that it smells like YOU!!!
Every day her head smells like your perfume. I thought it was just a fluke at first but she smells like you! Yesterday when I hugged her I didn’t smell anything but before I could say a word Lauren kept hugging me and said over and over “Mommy!!! You smell like Little Momma!”
So thanks mom for showing me you are here. I love you so much❤
PS: You are rockin those denim bell bottoms like nobody’s business


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