Dear mom (Susan Woods Alderson),
Let’s all rejoice and you’ll be thrilled to know that after 8 months (not 8 weeks…8 months) that today is the day I am getting my hair done! 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Thank you JESUS and I mean that literally !!!! Seriously? Who waits that long to get their hair done??? Especially since I’m your daughter and you wouldn’t think of going two feet in your house without full hair and makeup every day❤. Today I will do you proud and get my hideous roots done!
I also wanted to share with you once again how amazing our God is!! Today I opened the mother daughter devotional to read to the girls at breakfast and the topic today was about Grace…!!!!!!!!! I could and could not believe it at the same time!
The new bible study I am going to on Wednesday’s is doing a whole series on Gods grace. This is not a coincidence…..not in any way. I take it as a sign from God…showing me that once again, no matter the circumstances he is here showering us all with his unfailing love, compassion, and grace.
It is affirmation to me to continue to share Jesus with my girls. I know this makes you happy in heaven because you raised me to know Jesus and I am raising my girls now (better late than never) to do the same.
My heart is overflowing these days! I am so thankful to have the relationship with Christ that I do and to know that I am walking and breathing the compassion and grace of Jesus every minute of every day.
I cried in bible study yesterday. They played the most beautiful song and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was asked to share what I was feeling and I could barely form the words. I cried because I am so GRATEFUL for the love I have been shown by Jesus, I am FEELING that love shower over me and it is so overwhelming that all I can do is raise my hands in gratitude and cry.
There is a God in Heaven who loves us and is waiting to show you his grace. It took me 44 years to allow him in. Friends… don’t wait one second more of your day. Everyone can have this feeling, this relationship, this love❤.
I love you momma. Miss you every day and love you but today is a good day… a happy day…and most of all a grateful day. We serve an amazing God and I’m so thankful to love him.


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