I’m crying and I haven’t even started writing yet. My friends have carried me. The photo I chose to add with this post has nothing to do with the words on it but the image of the two girls hugging. I keep coming back to it over and over. It’s raining, they’ve probably run a half marathon, you KNOW they stink, and they are holding each other so tightly. It’s palpable… you can feel the love in this photo.

My friendships have changed drastically this past year. Drastically….. the internal overhaul I had was in great part due to my friendships… how I treated them, how I reacted to change, and the overflow of new friendships in addition to the tried and true… it’s a lot to process.

And THEN my mom died.

Jan… I called you from the car and in the chaos of it all you just took over. I can’t remember how you got in touch with Craig and how you coordinated everything but you were so wise to override what I was asking and just take charge. I needed my husband that day and I didn’t even realize it. Thank you for thinking for me. Thank you for dropping everything, getting in your car and driving an hour and a half to come get my babies. You took them back with you, put on a happy face so they wouldn’t suspect anything and you took care of my children. You just DID… you didn’t ask what you could do… you just DID. I thank GOD for you every day.

Tonya… you call me every day and check on me. You, like Jan have lost your mother and you truly get all of it. I can explain my crazy to you and you validate every emotion, every tear, and you make me laugh when I am sobbing. I love you.

Meli, sweet sweet sister… you checked on me constantly in the days following my mother’s death… sitting with me… just sitting with me. You are my glass of wine at the end of the day, my hug whenever I need it, and so much more. The memory box you gave Elizabeth to store treasures from my mother is priceless and was so thoughtful of you to give. You are truly my sister.

Sara, my new friend….you were my angel the day my mom died. I only spoke to two friends that day and you were one of them! I can’t believe how amazing our conversation was. You just wept with me over the phone. Such sweet, pure, godsent emotion coming through that phone to me. To give yourself so unselfishly to someone you hardly know… it was Jesus speaking through you.

Laura. I could write a novel… a long one about you. You are a doer… you provide the safest most loving place for Elizabeth and for me. You brought two bags FULL of treasures for my girls on my mother’s birthday because you knew it would be a hard day for us all. I couldn’t even look at you because I was so overwhelmed with grateful tears that day. You are constant and always there.

Dinah…my quiet soul. You are so grounded and when you speak I hear everything you say. I have known you for 5 years and am finally becoming closer with you. I love our friendship and that our girls are besties. My heart is happy.

Kari, Holly, Kristen, my warriors for Jesus….. each of you are who I hope to be someday. Your love for Jesus, your living and leading by example. I’m lucky to have you in my life. Your encouraging words, little gifts left on my front porch, inviting me to bible study. I’m changed for the better because of each of you.

Tammy, you shared your gift of sight with me. I love you. Youuuuuuuuuu….. cough cough…. couldn’t help it😀

Lisa…since we were 3 years old!!!! My forever friend. The one who drops everything even though we haven’t spoken in years you drop everything and are there. I love you.

David, I cherish your messages to me. My forever friend, I love you so much. You give me so much comfort with your encouraging words. Everyone should have you as their friend ❤

Kidizen and Whole 30 mommas… the ones I’ve never met in person but I love every one of you! You are family to me.

I fell down, got the wind knocked out of me, was sweaty, smelly, broken, ugly, sick, exhausted, and the worst version of myself. To my friends who saw past that and didn’t wait to be asked…. THANK YOU for doing, being, loving, and giving. I hope I can do for you what you do for me every day. Thank you.

I have many more friends who are amazing to me and do so much for me. Forgive me if your name isn’t listed above. I’m grateful for all my friendships. I just wanted to thank a few who were so helpful to me in the days immediately following my mother’s death.


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