Dear beautiful friend,
I have to thank you as always because no matter what’s going on wherever you are, you’ll drop everything for me and talk me down from the edge. I’m so grateful for you in ways you can’t even imagine.

You told me right before we got off the phone that sometimes you are afraid… afraid of all of the decisions you have to make, big and small…when it comes to your family. You revealed a vulnerability that is very close to your heart.

First of all, I thank you for telling me what you did. I told you I needed to to chew on it for a little while before I had a response for you… I chewed and here goes. I’m not using your name so don’t worry but I wanted to put it as a blog post because I have the feeling it might speak to other mommas who have moments of doubt.

Momma, you are so grounded in Jesus that your decisions are always coming through him. The human side of you will go into auto pilot when you think of the enormity of what you do every day… the overwhelming constant… the ‘I am molding these tiny humans into who they need to be’, the responsibility of it all. Girl, you are not only raising your children, they are soaring.

They are soaring because of Jesus, pouring through you and into them. You are a spiritual rock momma. Your feet are so firmly planted in who Christ wants you to be. It radiates. It’s how I instantly knew you were a good egg the first time i saw you! If you could pause in the chaos of it all for just a moment and step back a few layers you would see what I see: a strong sister in Christ who guides her family based on what he wants for you.

Your children radiate Jesus. They DO! Send your kids to someone else’s house and you’ll always get the glowing reviews of how wonderful they are versus how they act at home! They are little examples of what you teach them every day. They hear you, it sinks in….. I see it…so trust me… it’s in there.

The years go by and the challenges move from diaper bags and double strollers to middle school and ‘how the heck do I get more than kid in different places at the same time?’ I get it. It’s a constantly changing job we have as mothers to adapt, move, adjust, and continue to raise, parent, and love our children.

But sweet momma who I love more than my Dooney and Bourke black patent bag….. do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. You are not only navigating the waters of motherhood… you are covered…covered and radiating Jesus in everything you do. You’ve got this and then some. I look up to you for so many things… SO many! I love you so much! Thank you for leading by example. I learn so much from you.❤

PS: Lauren is coughing like a barking seal…. 🙈 . It’s gonna be a looonnnnng day and night for me!


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