Dear mom (Susan Woods Alderson),
We are in Georgia having a blast. The girls are playing with all their new Christmas toys and in true Georgia form are filthy dirty and loving every second of it! Arts and crafts are everywhere!!
We are almost to the end of this year and I have to say… this has by far been the most important, most changing, most emotional, most impactful year of my life!
I was so lost this time last year…. God took me on a journey, broke me into little pieces, and very slowly re-built me bit by bit… prayer by prayer…tear by tear… and THEN you died and went to Heaven ❤.
I feel for people who say how much this year sucked for them… how upset they are that things didn’t go their way with the election, or the loss of movie stars and singers who died too young. I understand that it is a string of things that just plain ‘suck.’ There are hashtags everywhere that have the words ‘2016 sucks’.
I’m going to lay it out flat…. a life without Jesus ‘sucks’…a life without the hope of Christ in you …. a life without prayer is a life that is wandering out in the cold in the middle of the night with no shelter.
You laid a foundation in me mom and the roots of the tree are firmly planted…. now more than ever!
So while I could easily say that this year has truly sucked and been the worst year of my life…. I’m going to raise my hands to Heaven and with the most GRATEFUL heart thank God for the most important year of my life!!!
Praise God for not giving up on me… for making the effort and changing me. And thank you mom over and over for teaching me about Jesus and his unconditional love for us.
I’m posting this gorgeous picture you took a while back of one of God’s most beautiful treasures…. a sunrise.
Hope for a new day…. light for a darkened heart…and the beauty that is all around us.
I love and miss you as always momma but I know you are happy and healed in Heaven and that’s all the comfort I need tonight. Love you so much!

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