Ever feel like you aren’t enough?
When your Elf on the Shelf in years past grew brownies from chocolate chips planted in sugar… this year I am stumbling out at 2:30am to move him to the same picture frame he was on three nights ago…when your 4 year old is eating candy canes right from the Christmas tree first thing in the morning at 7:00am because you are trying to wake up from being completely wide awake at 4:00am mind racing… can’t quiet.
When you snap at your girls for asking you to make lemon Jello… Jello…. talk about a low moment…Jello just about put me over the edge.
I am enough… raw and on my worst day I am enough… it is because of God’s love and grace that I am enough for my girls. They forgive grumpy mommy, they hug crying mommy, they understand me…. just like Christ does for me every single day. He takes my worst, holds me, and gives me strength for another day each day.
Elizabeth asked me how could I be doing as well as I am the other day…. I told her: “you know how mommy holds you tight when you cry? You know how I pet your head and hold you close and tell you that I understand and tell you how much I love and adore you? How I tell you that I’m here…. here to hold you and hold your heart… that is what Jesus is doing for me”…. “mommy is loved and held by Jesus… that’s how I am doing”.
I will continue to hold my babies tight and love them with all my heart, I will fail on a regular basis, but I will love them, my husband, my friends, family, and Jesus with all my heart and soul…
For tonight though…I am enough…flaws and everything…I am enough..

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