Dear mom, (Susan Woods Alderson),
Dang…. you went to heaven during the holidays! You skipped turning a year older, didn’t have to cook (who are we kidding…. pass the Velveeta) for Thanksgiving, and you will be Celebrating the birth of Jesus with a front row seat in Heaven.
That’s fabulous for you… but as you well know, I’m selfish… I want you here. I swear… if you stop by the house I will sing on demand, I’ll get you your annual Target matching pajamas with sock monkey socks, I’ll make you plain iced tea because you don’t like my flavored kind, and I promise to have the freezer stocked with lime sherbet even though it is not Whole 30 approved!
You can sleep in my bed and we’ll watch anything you want on tv until you fall asleep. I’ll take your glasses off and kiss you goodnight.
We ripped off the bandaid yesterday and watched White Christmas. Lauren was dancing all the dance numbers. I videoed her at one point and was shocked at how she was picking up the choreography on site!!! It was incredible!!
So momma… your Steele Magnolia is staying strong… you must think I’m stronger than Steele because you leaving right before the holidays is tough. Grief is not for the weak of heart.
To have so much joy this time of year and to miss you so much I can hardly breathe at times…your leaving this world has been the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had the opportunity of knowing. God’s love, inspiration, comfort…. I am held by Jesus every moment and praise him all day every day.
I listen to beautiful music every day and I sing… loud😀. I know you can hear me because you could always pick out my voice singing in a crowd….
I love you momma❤. I love you❤❤❤



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