Lauren’s hair is just like mine: curly…very curly. We don’t need brushes or combs when we fix our hair. We just run our hands through it and go. This morning however, she picked up a brush and proceeded to force it through her hair. She said she wanted to have straight hair today. It hurt her to try to brush the curls straight and the brush kept getting stuck in her hair. She did it anyway.

I get it. It’s fun to see a different look. She’s also proud that she was able to do something for herself and see the result. I wanted to tell her not to brush it because it looked beautiful just the way it was but I let her have her moment and she was proud of how she looked.

I’m a curly girl…44 years of natural curls and waves on the top of my head. I have fought them, pulled them, straightened them, thrown them in a bun, and wrestled with them to be smooth and frizz free. I have finally figured out through overpriced products and years of wisdom that you don’t fight with curls or you will end up looking like Roseann Rosanna Danna from Saturday Night Live. It’s just not worth it.

I used to wash my hair and then spend almost 30 minutes drying it with a hair dryer. Then place it in hot rollers, and then finish smoothing it out with a curling iron. All this in Florida…in the summer…I’m ready for a shower as soon as I’m done getting ready from all the heat of the effort! Only to go out in the humidity and look like I just stuck my finger in a light socket. Wasted effort to say the least but it’s how I used to feel ‘at my best’ when going out.

Silly girl, you’re a curly girl. You are meant for bouncy, wild, out of control, happy, joyful, fluffy curls! Why fight what God gave you? Why try to manipulate what God gave you? Why try to change how God made you? He made us in his image…our beauty, our differences, our personalities are all made according to what he wanted for us. It’s interesting to compare all the times I have fought with my hair to my spiritual walk.

I would only feel better if I make my hair do the exact opposite of what it’s meant to do. I’ve done this with Jesus….”I’m going to do things my way because I feel confident in how they will turn out”. It never turned out the way I wanted it to. Jesus knows better. He gave me curls because that’s what he wants me to have. Wear them naturally and don’t fight them. Allow them to be what they are. Wild hair is beautiful hair! It’s fun hair! It’s my personality: big and happy 😀

My personal walk with God: Love Jesus naturally and don’t fight him! Allow your relationship with him to be what it’s meant to be, natural and free flowing. Having a relationship with him is beauty in its truest form. When you are with God he flows through you…it comes through you. You feel it, you live it, and you share it with others because it’s just too good a feeling to keep all to yourself. This comes from not fighting how he made you, and using how he made you to glorify him.

So while I might throw them in a bun on some days and I’m going to for absolute certain cover them in bleach, I will no longer fight my curls…I embrace them, welcome them, and on most days love them❤ . Curly girl= me. Seeking Jesus= me.



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