Letters, numbers….little hands that are connecting the dots. I’m 44 years old and I have the heart and sight of a 4 year old…and am unashamed to say it!

When I think of my walk with Christ I can simplify it. Remember connecting the dots when you were little? Start with your favorite color crayon, begin with the number one and follow each number with your crayon until you finish, and surprise! You see the pretty picture! What you could only see at the end! Now you get to color it and make it beautiful. Your reward for doing the work and connecting the dots. Do a good job and your teacher will reward you with praise.

My connect the dots page began when I was a child. Dot one: Jesus loves you…dot two: grow up knowing right from wrong…dot three: accept Jesus in your heart… dot four: pray …dot five: God will always be your rock….. dot six: read and follow the Bible…these are the rules…. keep on connecting the dots.

Except I never saw the picture at the end. I knew the rules of being a Christian and I followed them to a T. I’m a rule follower and am motivated by praise. Always an honor roll student…. but for some reason I never saw the picture at the end of the page. I had been connecting the dots for 44 years on the same picture. Over and over. I get to the end and then start over at the beginning. I was too focused on following the rules and not looking at the pretty picture. The beautiful picture that God has wanted me to see all along: that he loves me. That being a Christian is not only about knowing the Bible and the rules on how to live your life…. it’s about allowing his love to flow through me, it’s him showing me that I am cherished, valued, worthy, and adored.
Why didn’t I see this sooner?? I needed to do the one thing I couldn’t do until just recently… put the crayon down and see what was there all along: beautiful beautiful Jesus.

I am as excited as my four year old daughter is when she completes a connect the dots page. She squeals with glee and is so happy and proud that she sees her picture in full view. She’s so proud to show me her hard work and wants to make sure I know what she accomplished.

I get it Lauren! I’m just as excited with my walk with Christ as you are with your connect the dots page. Now it’s up to me to color my picture. I have the most beautiful crayons (my friends and family), and the most beautiful God for giving me the page to work with. Have a beautiful day my friends ❤


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